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Do rats live in drains?

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Are pipes a potential home for ratsRats living in drainage systems is a more common problem than you’d think. Drains make a perfect environment for rats to either use as a network to get around or nest. Rodents in your drains can cause a great deal of damage, so it is important to contact a drain technician as soon as you become aware of any rats in the pipes.

It is very common to find rodents in your drainage systems if there is a large amount of food being washed down the drains regularly.

To avoid rodents it is always a good idea to properly dispose of waste – substances that are greasy or oily, and even foods like coffee granules must be thrown away into the bin as they will not wash through the drains properly and will begin to build up, which will attract the attention of rats.

If your drains have defects such as cracks or decay, this makes it easier for rodents to gain access to the pipes. Rats are able to gnaw their way through many different kinds of material, which means they can damage sewage systems easily by burrowing their way into the pipes. If there are already defects in the pipes then it will worsen with the invasion of rodents, but if your drains are in good condition then there is the chance of rats creating all sorts of problems for you.

This will become expensive and can be very damaging to your property, which is why it is important to nip it in the bud and do all you can to avoid inviting rodents to your property.
Rats can carry all sorts of diseases and bacteria, and considering how easy it is for them to access your property via the drainage systems, there is a very high risk that they could bring this bacteria with them. Blocked drains Exeter can install anti-pest fixings to drains and pipes to ensure this does not happened.